Jeff & Wally Dallenbach Jr. on another
In the hunting blind with a wonderful
young man from the Wally Dallenbach
Jr. Foundatin.
Jeff & Erin Moran from Happy Days.
Jeff & daughter Amanda riding RZR's
at the ranch.
Bike trip to Moab, Utah.
Jeff & Bryan featured in a Destination
Polaris TV show
Jeff & family with Michael Martin Murphy
Jeff & Jesse James shooting a
Browning 50 BMG.  
Jeff & Chuck Buck of Buck Knives
Jeff & Ronnie Huckaby from George
Strait's Ace In The Hole Band.
Our tour bus for those long trips.
Beau Johnson, Jeff Sellers, Wes
Sound Job for Kevin Fowler, Wes
Hayden, Jason Allen and more.
Small DJ System
Live sound gig
Jason Allen Jeff Sellers, Holly
(830) 613-8926